Ian S Miller, PhD

Writer, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

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Publications (Books)

The writing of books has come about for me naturally, as an extension of elaborated ideas that: 1) have begun in clinical process; 2) have become elaborated through the use of theory in practice; and beyond, 3) I have translated into periodic journal articles, written for professional practitioners. When the ideas have become too cumbersome for articles, they have overflowed into longer collections, as books.

My books have served a dual purpose for me. The first has been to introduce wider concepts in psychoanalytic thinking--- such as the presence of psychoanalytic thought in literature, and the consolidations of psychoanalytic ideas in the emergence of contemporary understanding of what psychoanalysis “is”. The second has been to engage dyadically, whether in co-authorship, in working through theoretical ideas as consensus between area specialists in content and process--- and always towards simply engaging the reader, as co-participants in our joint inquiries.

Publications (Journal Articles)

I published my first professional journal article in 1987. Its topic was the relationship between academic psychology and psychoanalysis, and its focus was on the work of William James and Sigmund Freud.

Since then, I have published over twenty articles for peer-reviewed journals and professional collections of edited papers. These have spanned my interest in the history of psychological and psychoanalytic ideas, current events from the perspective of clinical process, and the preoccupations of mind that have claimed my attention, from time to time, at the intersection of psychotherapy, theory, environmental contexts, and the reflective work of personal intuition.

About Ian

Ian is a Dublin-based clinical psychologist & psychoanalyst in psychotherapeutic practice for over 25 years. A New York certified, licensed psychologist, he is also a member of the Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Read more...