Emotional struggle hurts. But it has a valuable side. It offers an opportunity for the future, waiting for realisation. The value of psychological consultation is in discovering that opportunity in the company of a professional who not only listens, but also hears what you are saying about yourself.

At some point in life, we become stuck in facing life’s challenges. Sometimes the challenges appear suddenly, “out of the blue”. Sometimes they have built, unnoted, over a long period of time.

At such times, supportive psychotherapy can help you to understand more clearly what’s going on as you create new ways to think both about yourself and about your relations with others. Uncovering the difficulties that have held you back is the first step in learning to make better choices, to feel calmer and more optimistic about negotiating life, and to turn goals into achievable realities.

Psychotherapy works in the here-and-now. While the past informs what we do, only clear thinking in the present will lead to effective future solutions.

Every client’s psychotherapy is unique. While each one of us encounters struggle, the form in which we go about addressing life’s problems, is as distinctive to each of us as our fingerprints. My own relation to every treatment is therefore bespoke, tailored to your situation and needs— relationships, family, work, and level of comfort. I believe that no answer or truth suits everyone; and that throughout our lives, our ways of seeing and acting on the world change and develop. The goal of psychotherapy is to discover what best works for you right now. And at the same time to get to know yourself better.

Effective therapy means not only insight; but also the development of skills and strategies to put insights to use- whether with family and loved ones, friends, colleagues, at home or at work. And always, in your strengthening and respecting a better relationship with yourself.